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Another Aspects of Iran

We are a group of people interested in the history, nature and culture of Iran. The idea of creating this site was formed while we were taking tour guide courses. We are here to show you the beauties of Iran away from prejudices and false images that you see about our country around the world.

Meet Our Team

Bahador Hashemi

Master in International Relations and Russian Studies from the University of Tehran. Interested in world history, traveling, Persian cuisine and photography.

Hesam Doroodgar

Hesam Droodgar, 30 from Iran to Iran and for Iran 😉 A tour guide for those who wish to explore another face of great Iran.

Navid Talebi

French language and literature MA from Shahid Beheshti University. French language teacher and tour guide.

Hedayat Bazafkan

An Enthusiastic person about history and an in-love person with biking, history and astronomy, I finally found all the sweet combination in one word: Tourism. And so here I am, ready to show you the beautiful face of my country eagerly.

Mojtaba Kaveh

Journalist in the economic, social and cultural fields. Interested in tourism, music, psychology, literature and cooking.

Bahar Hashemi

Computer programming expert. Interested in writing, language, travel, history books and novels.

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