Not very far from the capital, just in the very south area of Tehran, you have a spectacular chance to travel in time! Yes, you heard it right, you will travel atleast 9000 years back and wander in the monuments belong to the past generations.

Where am I talking about? Is it an unknown city? I may say yes, unknown for most of the today people of Iran, but back in history You can find it as shiny as sun. yes, you guessed right, it is the Rey city, which throughout the history, it has been named also with a number of different names also.

It is amazing the number of historical sites you can find in Rey city. As old as the very first time of the civilization origin, till the time of the glorious emperor of Sasanid kings.

In Rey city tour, we take you to a trip in time, so buckle up and fasten your seat belt, the time travel engine is going to ignite 😀

This tour will take two whole days. But you have the compressed option also, which includes the most important places and will only take one complete day.

Tour could be organized in two different way for you:

  1. Walking tour: in this case we will get off the Rey subway station and then walk toward the in distance sites.
  2. Driver-guide tour: in this way, all the distances are covered and you will only have a small amount of walking and we can cover also far sites too.
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