Since the beginning of planet the earth! Iranian people have most cared about their hygiene. The very first records for the use of baths date back as far as 3000 B.C. taking a bath in old Iran has required much effort for it had some procedure that one should obey.

Bathrooms or Hamams in general, have some extraordinary parts. The first room of Hammam, named Rakht kan or Beeneh (locker room), is an area designated for getting rid of one’s clothes. This area is the most splendid part of Hammams. With the dome-shaped roof on which some windows or skylights with colorful glasses, Hammams could be visible from a distance. Beeneh is usually a little bit colder than other parts of Hammam.

Second part of Hammams is “Mian dar” (labyrinth). A complicated network of passages of this room is for those ones who want to take a bath do not enter the warmer part suddenly and those who did bath do not leave the warm room and enter the colder one. This complicated network of passages also allows the hot air not to escape the third room which is the main room. After taking these passages we arrive at the main chamber of Hammam where there are showers. In order to keep humidity and temperature in this room balanced, one should attend the reservoir of hot and cold water which usually were beneath the beeneh.

Since there was no fossil fuel, Hammams’ water gets hot with burning foliage and animal feces. It was a daunting task to keep the water temperature at the standard. Now after taking a good bath, one feels a little tired, so here it is a Dallak (Masseur(. Dallak is a person with a good tip gives a massage that you have never experienced before. Really it freshens all the tissues of your body, it even makes you smooth on your soul !!! after giving a massage now is time for a cold beverage. Since you have been in a hot atmosphere for several hours a cold sprinkle soda is all what you need.

Here are some repaired Hammams that turned into bath museums. It really is astonishing to take a visit and enjoy the atmosphere of old bathrooms in Iran:

Fin bathroom (unesco world heritage list registered) in Kashan
Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse (Qasemi Bathhouse) in Kashan

Vakil Complex in Kerman
Ganjali Khan Bathhouse in Kerman
Sheikh Bahai Hammam in Esfehan
Vakil Bath in Shiraz


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