Arg-e Bam was once demolished by an earthquake in 2003. The whole city was shaking for 13 seconds and it was enough to destroyed the ancient Arg-e Bam. Located on Silk road, Arg-e Bam (citadel) was constructed in 5th century BC. Arg-e-Bam probably suffered damages during the wars. Once when Arabs conquered Kerman region in 645 AD and then in 1240 AD during Mongol invasion. But none of them were as destructive as the earthquake. In this citadel, the first mosque of Islam in Iran was established. Three kilometers east of Arg-e-Bam are the Summer Pavilion Kushk Rahim Abad and an old caravanserai. Both were not really damaged by the earthquake. The summer pavilion was already severely ruined before the earthquake and it did not really damage it. it is surrounded by gigantic walls 6–7 metres (20–23 ft) high and 1,815 metres (5,955 ft) long.


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